IRFĒ Foundation was established by Maison IRFĒ, Olga Sorokina and Andrey Strukov in 2012, an institution supporting Russian Art and Culture.
  • The first Russian luxury fashion house was founded in Paris by Russian immigrants — Prince Felix Yousoupoff and his wife Irina Romanova, the niece of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II. After a 90-year break, IRFĒ Fashion House was restored to life by its new owner Olga Sorokina. Maison IRFĒ’s design studio and headquarters are currently located in Paris at 12 Rue Vivienne. The House offers high-end ready-to-wear clothing garments and accessories, made in French and Italian ateliers.

  • Andrey Strukov was born in Moscow. Не is a financier for education, Strukov graduated from the State Financial Academy, trained at the International Institute of marketing at Boston University. He began his career in banking in 1990 as the accountant of the Central Operations Department of the State Bank, two years later, in 1992, he headed by one of the departments of «InkomBank». Andrey Strukov became the Chairsman of the Board of JSC «Russian Construction Bank» in 1998 after having worked in the Boards of credit banks.

    He conducts charity, supports cultural programs, also he is interested in art and history. He has a fancy for the contemporary art. His passion for a new form in art and creation attracts Strukov to collect works of art by such artists as Valery Koshlyakov or Vik Muniz, who is recognized as well-known master of experiments. Andrey Strukov decided to combine his interest to art and history in the collection of theatrical designs.

    The main idea of the collection is to show the everyday life of Russia as it is seen by stage designers. According Strukov, every important event of history with no exception has found reflection on the theatrical stage. This idea was embodied in the opening of IRFĒ Foundation in 2012. It was founded in collaboration with Olga Sorokina.

  • Olga Sorokina was born in Vitebsk. She worked in the model agency NEXT in 17 years old and was recognized by Fashion TV as the model of the 2005 year. Olga Sorokina worked at the world’s fashion shows. Her vast experience in the industry of fashion and creativity allow her to move from show to the creation of fashion.

    In 2007 Olga was charmed by history of the first Russian fashion house in Paris − IRFĒ (1924−1932). The introduction to the granddaughter of the Yousoupoff Xenia Sheremetieff Sphiri became the turning point in Olga Sorokina’s life. This lifechanging meeting occurred in 2006 and served as a new beginning in the history of the legendary House. Olga offered Xenia to revive the Maison IRFĒ, and became its new owner. She opened showroom in Paris in 2009. More over dresses created by Olga Sorokina are bought in 20 countries in the world now. Also she takes part in charity and cultural projects in different countries such as Art of Elysium и Elton John AIDS Foundation in Los-Angeles, AmFAR in NewYork and Cannes, SIDACTION charity dinner in Paris.

    The creative activity and cultural projects by Olga Sorokina serves as an impulse for opening of IRFĒ Foundation in collaboration with Andrey Strukov, collector. In 2015, Olga Sorokina was awarded by the bronze medal «La Renaissance française» for the contribution in culture and cultural development.