Theatrical collection

Theatrical Collection of IRFĒ Foundation outnumbers more than 1,500 designs. It’s one of the greatest collections today. There are items — from original sketches of costumes and sets to diverse theatrical productions in Russian, European and American theatres − Bolshoi Theatre, La Scala, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Metropolitan Opera and etc.

The dating of the works of art covers a wide time range — from 1890 to present day. All were done by well-known Russian artists and stenographers who found their place in the world history of stage art such as Nikolai Roerich, Konstantin Korovin, Alexander Benois, Leon Bakst, Sergey Sudeikin, Natalia Goncharova, Mikhail Larionov, Аlexander Golovin, Ivan Bilibin, Fyodor Fedorovsky. Тheir works are in major museums and auctioned rarely by Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

The main idea of the collection is to show the history as it is seen by stage designers. Every important event with no exception has found its reflection on theatre stage.

Art critics recognize as unique many works of art in collection, for example, designs to Serge Diaghilev’s «Russian Seasons» − ballet company 1909−1929 in Europe. Diaghilev’s success was due to recognizing the vitality of contemporary art, famous avangarde artists created dynamic set designs and exquisitely decorated costumes that shared a unified aesthetic of early twentieth century. Also IRFĒ FOUNDATION opens today new names of talented contemporary artists and stenographers, whose works are represented in collection. The upcoming release of the album «Russian Stories» will present to the public the masterpieces of this great collection.

Pagan Rus’
Pagan times
Miraculous Rus'
Epic and tales times
Epic Rus’
Epic and tales times
XIV — end of XVIIth cen.
Rus' of Dark Ages
Rus' of Rebellion Time
Nobility Russia
XVIII — beginning of XXth cen.
Folk Russia
XVIII — beginning of XXth cen.
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2nd half of XIXth cen.
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